PA Preferred™ Brews


Does your brewery produce local specialty beers with a focus on Pennsylvania-grown ingredients? If so, you may be eligible to be licensed to use the popular PA Preferred trademark and logo to help market these as PA Preferred™ Brews.

Over 2,000 Pennsylvania retailers, producers and processors have taken advantage of the marketing benefits created by PA Preferred program participation, and are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) to use the trademarked PA Preferred logo to help market their Pennsylvania-produced products.


So, what does it take for a Pennsylvania-brewed beer to be a PA Preferred Brew? In short, a beer must be:


  1. 1. Brewed in Pennsylvania;
  2. 2. Brewed to meet standards for quality, sanitation, safety and labeling; and
  3. 3. Produced from Pennsylvania-produced agricultural commodities—like hops and grains—to the extent they are available given market availability and product seasonal restrictions.


The logo and title can only be used on product that currently contain Pennsylvania-grown hope and/or malt.


Breweries that produce brews that meet these requirements are eligible to be licensed to use the PA Preferred trademark. For breweries that do not meet these requirements, but are interested in producing PA Preferred Brews, we will help you make connections with local hop farmers, malt houses and fruit growers that are committed to selling to Pennsylvania companies.


Is your brewery up for the challenge?  If so, follow these simple steps:


  1. 1. Sign-up to become a PA Preferred Member
  2. 2. Enter your locally sourced beer by emailing us the name of the brew, a photo of the finished product, and identifying the Pennsylvania-produced ingredients used in the brew.


Once your beer is approved, you will be licensed to use the PA Preferred trademark and PDA will send you the trademarked logo, stickers, a tap handle, coasters and permission to call your brew PA Preferred.

If you are interested in participating, have questions, or would like to acquire a list of Pennsylvania hops farms and malt houses, please contact Ashlee O. Dugan, PA Preferred Coordinator, at or at (717) 705-9511.