The Program

Pennsylvania has a rich history. We fought for freedom, pioneered new industries, and have been the keystone of America. Throughout our history, Pennsylvania has always been an agricultural state and continues to be known for its quality agricultural products today.

PA Preferred was created to ensure that Pennsylvanians are supporting fellow Pennsylvanians, our neighbors, friends, family. By purchasing products made in PA you are making a difference by restoring pride in our homegrown products and helping our economy.

PA Preferred is a public-private partnership between the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and many companies throughout the commonwealth. The program is working with thousands of companies and stores to support and promote Pennsylvania products.

Next time you are shopping, whether in a major grocery chain, farmers market, or road-side stand make sure to look for the PA Preferred logo and purchase products grown or made in PA. Remember, purchasing products grown or made in PA makes a difference in our economy. Keep people working, teachers teaching, and Pennsylvania growing, buy PA Preferred. Also, keep an eye out for PA Preferred™ wines at your local Fine Wine and Good Spirits store.

PA Preferred Brews

Does your brewery produce local specialty beers with a focus on Pennsylvania-grown ingredients? If so, you may be eligible to be licensed to use the popular PA Preferred trademark and logo to help market these as PA PA Preferred™ Brews.

More about PA Preferred Brews

Wineries interested in joining the PA Preferred™ Wine Program can learn more by following this link:

Pa Preferred Wine Program

PA Preferred members have access to electronic logos and a complete Media Package:

Pa Preferred Media Package (zip)

Members also have access to a variety of marketing materials at no cost:

  • Point of Purchase Form

  • Consumers, retailers, wholesalers and the media recognize the PA Preferred label as a symbol of quality and excellence. The program works to increase the number of Pennsylvania produced products available to consumers in the state and throughout the U.S.

    Fred Recchiuti General Manager, Basciani Foods