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Heidi Witmer


LEAF Project PA

The LEAF Project Inc. is a non profit organization, so the leadership is provided by a board of directors and the organization is youth-powered! In a very basic sense, LEAF is owned by our community, by the youth who manage it, by the people who invest in it, and by our Commonwealth.

The LEAF Project is an exciting, young, nonprofit organization at the forefront of youth development and food system work in South Central PA. Partnering with regional leaders in farming and public health, LEAF creates a rare and powerful space for youth leaders to experience their capacity and engage in building a resilient food system. 

On our four acre home farm, LEAF runs a youth-powered sustainable vegetable farm that distributes produce through produce shares, restaurants, public health partnerships, and markets. Through seasonal internships, LEAF youth also engage in their own leadership development, workforce readiness skills, and move on to positions of increased responsibility running LEAF ventures in our community. LEAF’s mission is to cultivate youth leaders from diverse backgrounds through meaningful work in our local food system.

The most rewarding part of operating an agricultural business is directly partnering with soil, rain, and sun - even though that is also the most challenging part. I feel lucky to be so connected to the seasons and weather.

We are proudly a part of PA Preferred because we believe in the high quality of agricultural products raised and prepared in Pennsylvania! It is our honor to get to use the PA Preferred logo and recognition. Customers are attracted to our products because of it and it also helps start conversations about the power of investing in local businesses.

LEAF Project PA

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554 Warm Springs Road
Landisburg, PA 17040


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