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Marcy Tudor


Weatherbury Farm

What We Do

Weatherbury Farm is a family operation run by Dale, Marcy and Nigel Tudor (Dale is my husband and Nigel is my son). Weatherbury Farm grows certified organic grains and mills them into flour. From putting the seed in the ground to putting the flour in the bag, everything is done at the farm. Our flours are sold directly to the consumer and through Pittsburgh cooperatives. We also sell some flours via mail to a group of loyal customers.

Grass fed/grass finished beef and lamb are raised and sold directly to consumers. Certified organic free range eggs are also produced at Weatherbury. Weatherbury Farm was one of two farms selected (from 500+ farms) for the 2012 Pennsylvania Certified Organic Sustainability Award. In 2017, Sustainable Pittsburgh recognized Weatherbury Farm as a Gold Level Sustainable Small Business.

We love providing healthy food for our customers and having them find out that not only is our food healthy, but it just tastes better. The opportunity to do something we love and the tasks that change like seasons make our operation fulfilling.

Being PA Preferred just makes sense, as everything we produce is grown and/or milled on our farm in Avella, PA (not to mention our belief that locally grown food is sustainable for both the farmer and the community). What's more, I've received requests for our flour as a result of this website.

I served in the Air Force from 1968 to 1972 in Arizona and Thailand. Most of my career was in non-appropriated funds (funds generated by the base exchange and officers’/NCO clubs used to fund the base recreation programs). This assignment was serendipitous because in the mid-60's at my small liberal arts college, there were no women enrolled in business courses. While in the Air Force, I started taking accounting courses. Using the GI bill, I completed an accounting degree and an MBA. This has enabled me to run our farm as efficiently as possible.

Weatherbury Farm

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1061 Sugar Run Road
Avella, Pennsylvania 15312