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How Do I Qualify?

PA Preferred® members are a dynamic and diverse collection of businesses that represent Pennsylvania agriculture. PA Preferred® membership is a network of individuals and businesses that produce, process, prepares, sell, offer for sale, market, promote, or are involved with any aspect of production, processing, preparation, promotion, marketing, sale, or offering for sale of PA-produced agricultural commodities.


A farmer/producer must be a qualified entity who produces a commodity entirely harvested from a PA location or grown on a PA location for at least 75% of its production cycle.

PA Preferred® farms are growing fruits, vegetables, and grains. They are raising animals for both meat and milk. Farmers are the heart of the PA Preferred® program and easily qualify for the program when they are located within Pennsylvania. Eligible beef farms raise the animals for at least 100 days in Pennsylvania.


A processor must be a qualified entity who processes a commodity at a facility in Pennsylvania and that commodity must be produced in Pennsylvania to the maximum extent possible given seasonal restrictions and market availability.

Our food processors include a variety of businesses that process commodities into preserved items such as jams, salsas, pickles, dressings, etc. Some examples of PA Preferred® beverage processors include brewers, wineries, and distilleries. Fluid milk plants also fall into this category.

Supporting Organizations

Farmers Markets that feature vendors that are either producers themselves or vendors that carry Pennsylvania-produced items are eligible for PA Preferred®. Retailers, grocery stores, and nurseries must be physically located in Pennsylvania and must carry a substantial amount of Pennsylvania-produced products.

Restaurants must be physically located in Pennsylvania and must strive to offer as many entrée items with featured Pennsylvania-produced ingredients as practical given seasonal restrictions and market availability.