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Support Pennsylvania Farms

Why Buy PA Preferred®?

Buying PA Preferred® products has a positive impact on the lives of Pennsylvania farmers. PA Preferred® products are grown and processed locally which directly benefits our economy.

"Being part of PA Preferred® has made sourcing local ingredients faster and easier and it's made it easier for retailers to find us!"Christina Maser Company

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When you see the PA Preferred® logo on product packaging you can be confident that main ingredients were sourced from a Pennsylvania farm. Feel the pride of supporting your community when you buy Pennsylvania grown and processed items.

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What Does PA Offer?

Pennsylvania farmers are producing some of the best products in the world. Enjoy the fresh flavor of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Experience the richness of Pennsylvania agriculture by visiting farms and picking your own items. Taste the freshness of locally produced dairy, eggs and meat. Raise a glass of Pennsylvania produced spirits, beer and wine. Find comfort in the warmth of locally produced and spun wool.

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PA Preferred® promotes a wide range of products simply waiting to be found by you! One thing we promise you won’t have to search hard to find is the secret ingredient in all our products:Pennsylvania

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